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A self-proclaimed “hobby out of control”, Grinder’s Switch Winery has been growing and producing award-winning wine for nearly a decade. Grinder’s Switch Winery is the brainchild of Joey and Gail Chessor, the small-town couple who turned their dream into a reality and a thriving family business.

The winery is located in the heart of middle Tennessee, in the rolling countryside of Hickman County. Surrounded by 110 acres of trees and beautiful vistas, the Chessor family nurtures a 7 acre vineyard on their family estate. The winery also includes the tank room which can hold more than 15,000 gallons of wine and is the epicenter of wine production.

The hand-built log cabin that was once their family home has been converted into a cozy tasting room that welcomes visitors far and wide. The cabin was built in 1982 by the owners, Gail and Joey, to raise their family in. It has become the symbol of the winery’s philosophy for providing Southern charm and sophisticated taste. Grinder’s Switch Winery prides itself on making wine delicious and approachable while providing

In the Spring of 2015, Grinder’s Switch Winery took their wine to the heart of the big city and opened a location in downtown Nashville in the historic Marathon Village. This satellite location provides customers new and old a chance to enjoy some of Tennessee’s best wine more often.

41 responses to “Our Story

  1. Shannon Rasnick

    Hey Gail and Joey, Its been a long time, in fact about 22 years. I was talking to my brother Todd Askins and he told me about your winery. My wife and I will have to make a trip down and do some sampling. We live in Maryville, just outside of knoxville. well, glad to hear that all is well.


  2. Phil Plank

    We stopped by your shop back in late Oct ’10 and felling l;ove with your selection. The problem is we live in Kansas. Can you ship to Kansas?
    Thanks Phil

    • Hi Phil! We are so glad you came by and that you enjoy our wine! We currently do not ship to Kansas, but we are checking in to it for you. We aren’t sure if your state allows it or not. In the meantime, if you have a friend here in TN that can come and pick some up for you, they can mail it to you. We hope to see you on your next drive through Tennessee!

  3. David Connell

    Hi guys,
    I recently visited with my good friend Deborah Gordon, I was the bloke with the funny accent.
    I made a big mistake by packing the wine I bought in my carry on luggage, I didn’t even make it through Nashville airport security, let alone all the way back home to Australia.
    Do you ship O/S? I am doing my best to get back to Tn as soon as possible, I am looking forward to doing more tasting and I will be sure to pack properly next time!
    I enjoyed meeting you and experiencing both your southern hospitality and your great wines and cheeses.
    Kind regards,

  4. Frank Miller

    I live across the river. I make Wine Bottle windchimes.candle holders and wine bottle holders. Would you be interested in any?

  5. jennifer.deboer

    Do you allow small dogs to accompany visitors for Blues and Wine?


    • We don’t and there are a couple reasons. First, is that we have MoMo the bulldog who is old and grumpy and doesn’t really like other dogs in his territory. While he is normally put up during these events, we cannot guarantee the safety of your pet.
      Second, is an issue with the Health department. Should your dog get inside of the winery we would be in direct violation of health department standards which could result in hefty fines for us.
      We hope that you will still be able to make it out to Blues and Wine and thank you for asking before bringing your pet.

  6. Do you seel Lt. Blender’s SANGRIA Wine Freezer mix? I attended a Wine Tasting at Nashville Shores in May and bought a bag, LOVED it and would like to buy more but can’t find it! It comes in a bag with a screw top. You add wine, water and the mix, place in freezer then squeeze for a great slushy drink!

  7. Elizabeth Fransen

    My fiance and I are having a small wedding of about 15-20 guests. I was curious as to whether you might host an outdoor ceremony and reception on-site. We were mainly interested in touring the vineyard and wine tasting during the reception with small snacks to go with the wine.
    If that is something you would consider would you also be willing to give me a price on the site for about 4 hours and about 4 cases of wine?

    ps: we would be willing to bring in food and alternative drinks for the underage guests. If you cannot provide them


    • Hi Elizabeth!
      Congratulations!! We would love to talk to you about hosting your wedding out here. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and we will fill you in on all the details. 931-729-3690

  8. Don

    Wandered in yesterday (8-15-11) and was delighted at the tastes of your wines. Bought 4, in fact! Look forward to having the wine and cheese tonight. Your place is wonderful and your hospitality is warm and inviting. Look forward to a return visit with my wife!

  9. susan

    Do yall do tours of the winery while making the wine?

  10. Kiley Soule

    We absolutely loved our tour of your winery with the Living Social group, yesterday. Realized my sister in Florida would love a bottle of your Switch Red. Do you ship?

  11. Robin

    Hi, we stumbled upon your place back in the summer. We loved it!!! We have talked about coming back but finding the time is always hard. We live in Memphis. We’ve talked about coming up and staying the night. Where would be the closest place to stay?

  12. Ricahrd Patrick

    Would love to attend the April 29th Cooking Class.. Fun!

    Can someone please call or email me back so I know I have a place reserved for me..



    • I did the tour with a friend from Canada and we dicesvored this little family winery in the most unexpected place. We thought we were lost! Turns out their wine is award-winning and the hospitality was exquisitely warm, sincere and informative. Was like being shepherded in the heart of wine making.

  13. Tom Richardson

    Hey Joey, Your personal email address has changed and I need your current one. I see you’re getting distribution through retail stores now. Awesome! Will get out there to see you guys at some point. Tom

  14. ellen cary

    I have been bragging on Facebook about your Switch Red being THE best red wine I’ve ever had. I was wondering when or if you will sell anywhere in West Tn and how much to ship a case of the Red to Humboldt TN?

    • Hi Ellen! Thanks for all the compliments! We are available for purchase in West TN. If we are not at your local liquor store you can tell them to order you some from Athens distributing. I’m not sure the exact amount to ship a case to Humboldt, but it usually runs about $40 for shipping. You can order through our website. Just click the link under the Shop Our Wines page or give us a call to place your order! (931)729-3690! Thanks again!

  15. Terry L Anderson

    Thanks again Gail for more of your outstanding wine. Sandy and I will be back down again in about 6 months. We felt right at home there tasting the wine!

  16. Sandi McNaught

    Just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed our tour this week. The lunch was excellent; loved the hayride and you’ll were so nice and down to earth. Can’t wait to visit again! Say hello to the animals for me.

  17. Mary Braddock

    My husband and I were delighted to find your winery on our way to Nashville today. What a beautiful place you have there! We loved the wines that we sampled (and purchased). The best part was the friendly atmosphere and how the owner took the time to swap wine stories with us. We will certainly return the next time we are in the area!

  18. I was first introduced to your winery in May and loved it! I then in turn introduced a friend and in fact have another friend to bring today another schedules for July. :). The atmosphere is awesome and the wines are excellent. looking forward to trying the blues events. Dotti Feinstei – True Self Studio

  19. Tammy

    Does my daughter have to be 21 to come with me & enjoy the show sat night?

  20. Lindsey francis

    What movie will you be showing this friday? My husband and i would love to come wine tasting for the first time and then enjoy the movie afterwards

  21. Steve Brokenshire

    I finally got 2 cases of wine up here to Michigan. It’s been a long GSW drought. I would still like to get a hold of some muscadine grapes/puree. I would like to make a mead/pyment with it but I can’t seem to track any down up here. We talked before about this and you said it would spoil in transit. For what I am looking to do, I figure the puree could be frozen in advanced, and I would be willing to pay for the fed ex overnight. I would then use it immediately as soon as it arrived. The freezing would actually work to my advantage as it would help to release the sugars. I am looking for 2 gallons of puree. Please let me know if you can help.

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for purchasing our wine! Unfortunately we don’t have any muscadine to sell you. Our harvest this year has been pretty light thanks to the late frost in April. Sorry we can’t help you out there. We hope to see you soon!

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  23. Lacey

    Hi, I was wondering if there will be anything going on at the winery this Saturday night, May 25th, 2013? We have guests coming in from out of town and was hoping to spend a night at the winery if so!

    • We dont have any events scheduled for the evening. The Arts & Ag tour will be going on here until 6pm. Sunday evening we will be showing The Maltese Falcon on the Movie Screen if you want to join us then!

  24. Ally Lampley

    Just curious on pricing. Our class reunion is next year and we are trying to begin the planning process. Thank you!

  25. Dottie Rhea

    We enjoyed your monthly music nights last year. Are you still having those? I can’t find any info.

    • Hi Dottie!
      We have cancelled the music series for this year. We have been so busy getting the new location open that we just didn’t have the time to put together a series for this year. Check back next season! THanks!

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