Blues and Wine Schedule

2014musicposterwebAll shows are free and start at 6pm and end at 9pm. No reservations or tickets are needed.Feel free to pack a picnic and some lawn chairs, but no outside alcohol, please!

There will be food available for purchase as well ( Mick and Blaine’s famous BBQ!!). Call a day or two before the show to see what exactly they are cooking.

Any shows that are rained out will not be rescheduled.

Most of all, have fun!!

2014 Schedule:

May 10th – Chicago Charlie & The Businessmen

June 14th – Miranda Louise

September 13th – Markay Blue

October 4th – Blue Mother Tupelo (4pm-7pm)

13 responses to “Blues and Wine Schedule

  1. Hello,

    We were wondering how to go about getting booked at one of your events.

    Brandi and Eddie

  2. shawn

    Sorry for the long delay but was wrapping some of the wine we got back in Aug. as Christmas gifts and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Blue Mother Tupelo Aug. 20th. We have seen them several times but the setting, sound, and wine made the evening top notch. Hope to visit and sing the blues again!!!!!!

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  4. Debbie

    Awesome news on the Blues and Movie nights, I will be there for sure! Love your wine and facility…can’t imagine a better way to spend the summer!

  5. Linda

    So you have nothing planned for the 14th of July?

    • Not the 14th. We have Blue Mother Tupelo on July 7th and we will be doing Friday Night movie night on July 13th ( we are showing Psycho!), but feel free to come out for a visit we will be open until 6pm. Thanks!

  6. Justin and Jennifer

    Hey, y’all – my husband and I came on July 7th after we heard Blue Mother Tupelo was playing. We’d talked about visiting your winery and had such a good time. GREAT music, GREAT wine, and the heat didn’t stop us from drinking and dancing (and sweating). Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks!

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  8. Cheryl Offutt

    Always love visiting your winery, alog with the music, it makes for a wonderful night!

  9. Lara

    Are your events unlimited tastings, limited tastings – at what (if any) cost), or wine for purchase only?

  10. Ms. Shawn Willie

    I absolutely love your wines! I visited your winery during the tour that Living Social offered and I saw you all again at the Nashville Shores Wine Tasting (I had a blast!). It’s time to stock up again, so I hope to see you soon! Shawn

  11. Would like to be considered for the 2014 season. Thanks here’s a link at Bourbon Street blues club Nashville.

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