Vineyard 2012




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a quickr pickr post

9 responses to “Photos

  1. Tony Jackson

    Couldn’t believe finding you after looking up Grinders Switch. Hunted there many years ago with Tommy Davy, Larry Knox and Gary Hamilton. Hope you are both doing well! Merry Christmas!

    • Joey

      Hey Tony! Glad to hear from you. I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t heard from Hamilton in a long time. Maybe y’all can come visit sometime!

  2. steve laforce

    I had an Amazing time picking grapes with you guys last week…Thanks!


  3. Peyton Allen.

    My wife and I started a small vineyard last year. Currently we have 2 acres with 5 different types of wine grapes and 6 acres left to plant. My question is, do you know of any farmers grants or loans that we could apply for to help cover some of the cost of planting?

    Thank you,
    Peyton Allen
    Ramer, Tn.

  4. Lynne Ricciardi

    Very pretty but I want to see more shots of the grapes. Also, more shots of harvest time and your music events. Great to know there is a local winery.

  5. Kathie Richards Laper

    I am looking for info about having a small family reunion there, in Sept. 2014. Didn’t see anything on the website.

  6. linda savoy

    Love the wine i come down from maine and i make sure i make it last year i took a case of wine home with me and everyone who has tried it loves it too \
    Linda from maine

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