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If you are shipping to or from a Tennessee address, please call

(931)729-3690 to order over the phone.

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38 responses to “Shop Our Wines

  1. Pete Santorelli

    Hey there! Curious to know if you’ll be open New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, by chance? I’m thinking of planning a romantic get-away at the Chestnut Hill Ranch Bed and Breakfast and was hoping to make your winery a stop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  2. Melanie Davis

    Hey, I had a great experience last week as usual. I can’t leave TN with out stopping by my favorite winery. Due to being snowed in, I finished my wines a lot faster than expected. I was wanting to order a case, but just noticed that you dont deliver to NC. Will this be changing anytime soon?

    Melanie Bates Davis

  3. Steve

    It’s been 2 years. Still waiting to order from Michigan

    • Hi Steve! Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry that we cannot ship to Michigan. It is against your state’s laws for us to ship wine there. If you have any friends or family living here in Tennessee you might ask them to ship some to you, but as a business we are not allowed. I am sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to see you at the winery on your next trip through Tennessee.

  4. Kelley Blunkall (soon to be Hassell!)

    Looking forward to a visit to my local winery soon!!! Our wedding is September 10….so see you all real soon. :-)

  5. Steve (Mi.)

    I don’t suppose you would be attending any wine events in ohio where I could pick some up from you in the future?

  6. susan pope

    I am from Huntsville AL and I am looking for a store near Nashville or closer to Huntsville that carries Blackberry Express wine. Please let me know;.

  7. Mindy Perez

    A friend gave us a bottle of your Honeysuckle Rose and we love it! I just went on-line to order some and it says you do not ship to Texas! Help! We really want to get some, is there anyway you can ship here?

    • We are so glad you love our wine Mindy! Unfortunately we don’t have a license to ship to Texas at this time, so we can’t ship to you. But if you have a family member or a friend in Tennessee they can ship it to you. They could come by and get you some wine. We even sell the shipping boxes just for shipping wine.


    WOW! Is truly all I can say. We stopped in just this past Saturday, purchased 6 bottles and have already realized that isn’t going to be enough, lol. Your hospitality is amazing, even one of my daughters favorite stops getting to meet the dogs. Thank you again for such a relaxing, hospitable time. I assure you it made more of an impression than the Caribbean cruise we had just left. Your amazing! We can order online right?


      P.S. I guess the more appropriate question is….can you ship to Indiana?

      • Joey Chessor

        Sorry, no, we can’t ship to Indiana. Each state has their own shipping rules. The list of states we can ship to is on the “Shop Our Wines” section. You may be able to have a nearby friend purchase and ship the wine to you if your state allows it.
        Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon…and so do the dogs. :-)

  9. Kerri White

    I miss BLONDY!!! Will you be getting any more?

  10. Ellen Cary

    I am a huge fan of Switch Red. Do you have plans to sell anywhere in West Tn?

  11. Kerri white

    Re: Blondy

    Can you put it back for sale online? I live closer to Memphis, so ive always had to get it online

  12. murkymunson

    Stopped by with my college buddies on our spring break road trip…needless to say, these Texas boys will be headed back to TN soon enough to get some more blondy and honeysuckle rose!

  13. Jennifer

    Do you not ship out Switch Red? I would love to order a few bottles, but it doesn’t seem you guys offer it for shipping. Is that going to change? My dad and step mom come in all the time, they are regulars. I have asked them to pick me up a few bottles next time they are there.. Switch Red is my favorite out of them all, with Pearl being my second..

    • We do ship Switch Red!! Our online ordering may just need to have some stock added. We will get that fixed ASAP! Meanwhile you can order over the phone! (931)729-3690. Thanks so much!

      • Jennifer

        Good to know about ordering over the phone too, thank you. I have my parents picking me up two bottles of Switch Red, so I’m good for now, you will be hearing from me again though. Thank you!

  14. Christy V

    I was just informed today that it is illegal to ship wine or liquor from TN without a distributor license. At least, that’s what they told me at the UPS Store. :(

  15. Johnathan

    Do you ever sell any of your old barrels?Wanting two to make a dining room table.

  16. Jen Spicer

    I was just in TN over the weekend, and came across your AMAZING General I table wine! Any chance you will be able to ship to a Michigan address anytime soon?? I am so bummed I didn’t purchase a few cases!!!
    It’s just fantastic!!

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  18. vivian burke

    I do not see Blondy or Muscadine on your list to order on-line . Please advise if these are available.

  19. adam

    I live in PA. Where or how can I buy your Blondy wine?


    • Hi Adam!
      The only way to get wine to PA is if you have a friend here in TN who can ship it to you personally. We, as a business, are not allowed to ship to PA. Thanks so much and good luck!

  20. Julie grant

    Cant you ship to arkansas? I was just there and didn’t buy because i wanted to have it shipped to me

    • I’m so sorry Julie, but Arkansas state law doesn’t allow wine to be shipped into the state. Many states don’t allow alcohol to cross state lines. It may be possible for a friend of yours in Tennessee to ship personally to you, but as a business we cannot. It just depends on your state’s laws.

  21. Charlene

    I wanted to order the “Razzbury” on your wine list, because my husband and I really liked that wine when we stopped in Tennessee. Is this a seasonal wine? Is that why I cannot order it right now? It’s not listed when I look at wines to buy online.

    • I will check. We may have just run out of online stock for the Razzbury. I will make sure that we get more added as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to call our Centerville location to place a phone order, 931-729-3690. Thank you so much!

  22. Jamo

    Keep up the good work. I an my wife have had some of your blackberry wine and its great.

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