Wine List

Blackberry Express – Sweet red fruit wine that tastes like a just picked blackberry!

Honeysuckle Rose – Gold Medal Winner – Sweet Blush Wine. Ripe golden apple nose with a dark cherry finish.

Switch Red –SILVER MEDAL – Sweet red wine from the Concord grape, BEST SELLER!

The General 1 – NEW! – Sweet White estate-grown Muscadine wine made from the Carlos variety

The General 2NEW– Sweet red estate-grown muscadine wine

MarathonNEW!! – A sweet red Elderberry wine. $5 of each bottle goes to benefit our local St. Thomas Hospital in honor of The Daughters of Charity.

Blondy – Gold Medal  Winner – Sweet white wine. Floral nose of apricot and peach with a hint of muscadine

Razzbury – Sweet blush wine blended with raspberry fruit to make a fruity and refreshing drink.

River Blush –  Semi-sweet Blush made with fruit from all Tennessee fruit

Ivory Mist – Bronze Medal WinnerOff- dry white wine made from the Cayuga grape, light and crisp  with a citrus finish

Chardonnay – GOLD MEDALDry white wine. Clean, Crisp, Lightly oaked

Dixiana –  Dry white wine. Estate grown Traminette with a fruity finish  – Back in stock!

Zephyr – SILVER MEDAL – Dry Red Wine. Full bodied and oaky vintage from our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

Three – Eighty-Two – BRONZE MEDAL – Full-bodied with sweet tannins and a blackberry bouquet from our Chambourcin grapes

RebelFull-bodied dry red made with estate grown Touriga Nacionale grapes. Caramel notes with a smooth finish.

ColleytownDry Syrah blend. Barrel aged. Unfiltered. 14.5% alcohol

*If, on very rare occasion, you should ever purchase a bottle of wine that is faulty. Please bring us the bottle and we will exchange it, free of charge.*

23 responses to “Wine List

  1. jackie russell

    We were wondering if you can purchase any of your wines at a wine shop in Nashville – especially the Pearl, Blondy, Switch Red and River Blush. Thanks so much. I work for the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.

    • Hi Jackie!
      Unfortunately, we are not yet able to sell our wines to wine shops. To do so requires a distributer. We are working on getting our wine ready for distribution, but it is a long process. In the meantime, we can ship our wine to you or you can make trip to Centerville to see us! We are only an hour away from Nashville. Thanks!

  2. Shari

    I live in MI and my boyfriend lives in TN. When ever I go to see him we have to come and get a bottle of Pearl. I have a friend here in MI that is hooked on it too!!! I think it is the best white wine ever. Thanks!!!

  3. pam

    I work for a liguor store and would like to know how to get your product in our store. I know alot of stores around us have you in stock, please inform.

  4. Heather Gass

    I live in centerville about 5 minutes from your winery and im always trying to get a bottle of Pearl but everytime i go your soldd out. When is the best time to get some?

    • Hi Heather!! Thanks for being such a loyal customer. The reason you havent been able to get any Pearl is because we have been out for almost a year. The good news is the new vintage is finally done and waiting to go in the bottle. We hope to have Pearl back in stock in a few weeks. Meanwhile, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates. We also frequently ask for volunteers to help bottle. There is usually a free bottle of wine in it for your help!! Thanks so much, Heather.

  5. Donna Cozad

    Came to your winery last june after fest. Made the mistake of buying a few bottles. I blame you for not giving bigger samples. Have hoarded what I had. Coming to fest this year, so I will see you Monday 11th. Have a case ready of at least your sweet red. Still have a pearl left know to save it for speacial occasion since your sold out. Illinois is not on you list to ship don’t blame you our state is too pricey. Reason were thinking of leaving.

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  7. Renee V

    Plan on coming your way for the art and ag show as well as wine tasting on Saturday and wondered if there is a tasting fee and what the flight sample count is? Also i would love some details about bottling, that’s neat!

  8. Ava McGuff

    This is the very best wine I have ever drank. Love it !!! The only bad thing they dont deliever to Alabama I have to go to wnery to get tbe wine!!

    • Hi Ava! So glad you love our wine! Unfortunately, Alabama doesn’t allow alcohol to be shipped in. There are several liquor stores across the state line that carry us! We hope to see you soon!

  9. Ron


    Hi this is Ron from Uncle Jacks Spirits in Holly Springs Georgia. are yall any closer to being able to ship to Georgia. I have a customer who really liked you Blackberry wine and wants to buy a case but dont want to have to drive to Tenn to get it.

  10. Michelle

    Do ya’ll have special prices per case if it is for a wedding?

  11. Donna

    I see comments about Pearl. But I don’t see it on the wine list. Is it no longer available?

  12. Kathy

    Do you still carry the Honeysuckle Rose wine? I don’t see it on the price list? My son is coming home for Christmas and I would like him to bring some home if it available.

    • We are currently out of Honeysuckle Rose, but will be bottling more (hopefully) next week. You may check with your local liquor stores as they may have some bottles in stock.

  13. Walker Richardson

    Hey! Have you guys finished paving the road for distribution so that Nashville liquor stores can carry your wonderful wines? If not, please prepare your shipping gurus to pack my upcoming order that will hold me over until my next visit to your winery!

    -I’d actually like to speak with a representative from your winery regarding the possibility and logistics of an event that I would love to have at your wonderful piece of heaven!

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