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A self-proclaimed “hobby out of control”, Grinder’s Switch Winery has been growing and producing award-winning wine for nearly a decade. Grinder’s Switch Winery is the brainchild of Joey and Gail Chessor, the small-town couple who turned their dream into a reality and a thriving family business.

The winery is located in the heart of middle Tennessee, in the rolling countryside of Hickman County. Surrounded by 110 acres of trees and beautiful vistas, the Chessor family nurtures a 7 acre vineyard on their family estate. The winery also includes the tank room which can hold more than 15,000 gallons of wine and is the epicenter of wine production.

The hand-built log cabin that was once their family home has been converted into a cozy tasting room that welcomes visitors far and wide. The cabin was built in 1982 by the owners, Gail and Joey, to raise their family in. It has become the symbol of the winery’s philosophy for providing Southern charm and sophisticated taste. Grinder’s Switch Winery prides itself on making wine delicious and approachable.

In the Spring of 2015, Grinder’s Switch Winery took their wine to the heart of the big city and opened a location in downtown Nashville in the historic Marathon Village. This satellite location provides customers new and old a chance to enjoy some of Tennessee’s best wine more often.

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Curious about our name?

Grinder’s Switch is a location just outside Centerville, Tennessee, which consists of little more than the railroad switch for which it is named. Grinder’s Switch was also the fictional hometown of the comic character Minnie Pearl, created and portrayed at the Grand Ole Opry by comedian Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon, who grew up in the nearby Colleytown neighborhood of Centerville. Sarah Colley sometimes accompanied her father to the Grinders depot, where the local characters would hang out. This was part of her inspiration for her “Cousin Minnie Pearl” routine.


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“ Wandered in yesterday and was delighted at the tastes of your wines. Bought 4, in fact! Look forward to having the wine and cheese tonight. Your place is wonderful and your hospitality is warm and inviting. Look forward to a return visit with my wife! ”


“My friends and I stopped in to the Marathon Village location one afternoon and had the best time tasting wines! And they have great gifts and souvenirs.”



Tell us about your experience at our Centerville location

Tell us about your experience at our Marathon Village location


Tell us about your experience at our Centerville location

Tell us about your experience at our Marathon Village location