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Introducing…Club 30

Club 30 – A monthly wine subscription

A while back on our Facebook page and through our email list, we asked folks what they thought about a monthly wine club with FREE SHIPPING, and the response was overwhelmingly – YES!

So, being in the business of keeping our customers happy, we set to work on creating the best monthly club we could, and we think we have finally got it all figured out.

When we originally posed the question of a monthly club to the public, we got lots of great feedback on what you guys are looking for and we tried to work as many of those in there as we could. What we heard from you was that it needed to be simple & affordable. And FREE SHIPPING was a must. So..let us tell you all about it:

The Details

Dry or Sweet

You pick your sweetness level – Dry or Sweet -and we pick the wine. Don’t worry, it’s different every month!

4 Bottles

A bottle for each week of the month. Arriving around the third week of each month. So you never run out.


Have we mentioned the free shipping? It’s free. There is a tiny handling fee, but that’s for our UPS approved shipping boxes.

Automatic Billing

Your credit card on file will be charged on the 15th of every month and then your box of delicious wine is shipped straight to your door (for free, but we’ve mentioned that).

Free Tastings

More FREE stuff?! You betcha. Free in-store tastings for you whenever you are able to come visit. And free wine slushies, too.

$10 Signup fee

For the price of the big pack of Post-it Notes, you can get in on a monthly box of wine. And lets be honest…wine is more fun than Post-It notes.

Cancel Anytime

Need to cancel? No problem. You can cancel anytime after your first shipment.


Which club is for you?

Here…we’ve got a handy graphic. Think the Quarterly Club is more your speed? Great! You can sign up for that club HERE

How do I sign up?

Ready to sign up for this amazing new club? Great! You can sign-up in store at either location or you can give us a call at (931)729-3690 to sign up over the phone.

How Much does it cost?

Prices depend upon which subscription option you choose. Each shipment will vary a little depending on which wines go in that month’s shipment but are essentially the online retail prices plus free shippingwhich is equal to a 20-25% discount depending on where you live.

So, the short answer is – somewhere between $70-$80 per month.

Terms & Conditions

Sign up with a one-time only $10 fee. Members will receive 12 shipments a year, one each month. Each Club 30 shipment comes to you with free shipping. Shipments include 4 bottles of wine with free shipping.

Packages must be signed for by someone 21 years of age or older – please plan accordingly.

Wines are chosen based on your selected club (dry or sweet) and will vary each shipment. Substitutions are not allowed and purchase is non-refundable.Price is variable and is the retail price of the wines selected.Shipping is free for each monthly shipment.

A handling charge of $8 will be charged in order to cover the cost of the shipping box.Tax will be added to shipments being sent within the state of TN. All members will be charged on or around the 15th of every month. By joining the wine club, one shipment is required prior to cancelling. You may also skip or cancel by contacting us via phone at 931-729-3690 or via email at Lissie@GSWinery.com.

Signing up can only be done 2 ways: 1.) Sign up in person at any winery tasting room  2.) Call our Wine Club Manager at (931)729-3690 or email at Lissie@GSWinery.com

Sintra Port Wine – Coming Soon


Grinder's Switch Sintra Port LabelOur owner and winemaker, Joey Chessor has been dreaming of his own port-style wine since the mid-90s. Joey was inspired by two family trips to Portugal where he sampled not only fine wines but also amazing vintages of traditional port. Then, when planning his vineyard, Joey became one of only two winemaker’s in Tennessee to include Touriga Nacional, a premier Portugese port grape, in his vineyard. At first, Joey simply turned each year’s harvest of Touriga into one of Grinder’s Switch’s most popular dry red wines, Rebel, but in 2015 all that changed. Fortune bestowed upon the winery a barrel of high quality brandy, a hard to find spirit in Tennessee and one that involves lots of red tape should you want to bring some across state lines. The wine gods also granted Grinder’s Switch Winery with an excellent vintage of Touriga Nacional that year. It was a perfect storm to make an exceptional port-style wine. So for 3 years we have been waiting for this amazing vintage to finish, and the time has finally come.

So, what is port?

Port is fortified wine, which means that at some point during fermentation some kind of grape based spirit (usually brandy) is added to the wine. This allows the wine to retain some of its natural sweetness. Port originates from Portugal where one of the premier port grapes grown in that region is Touriga Nacional. The best ports are known for their complexity and body and are traditionally served at the end of a meal as a dessert with a plate of fine cheeses or with a fine cigar.

2015 Sintra

Our 2015 port-style wine, Sintra, is named after one of the Chessor family’s favorite areas of Portugal which they visited a couple of times in the mid-90’s. Sintra promises to be a sweet, full-bodied barrel aged vintage with wonderful notes of toffee and chocolate. It has a pleasant, oaky tone that complements the caramel finish.

Be the first to experience Sintra!

This vintage is limited. We only have 3 barrels (that’s about 180 gallons) of Sintra to sell and it won’t be available until early Summer 2018. And because this vintage is very special, the price per bottle will reflect the quality of our first vintage of port-style wine.

Our release party for our very first vintage of Sintra has been scheduled for July 21st and 22nd. Please head over to our reservations page to purchase your tickets! Ticket proceeds will be donated to Women Are Safe Domestic Violence Shelter.