Introducing…Vinnie the Vineyard Dog

We have a new addition here at the winery, Vinnie the Vineyard Dog. After the unfortunate loss of Sully, we have been in need of another dog to help us keep unwanted pests out of the vineyard. So we brought Vinnie home with us. Vinnie is a Great Pyrenees puppy with lots of personality. He’s only been here a few days but he already feels at home. Vinnie, Tank and MoMo all seem to be getting along just fine with the exception of the occasional debate over who is the head honcho around here.

He’s just about the cutest little puppy we have ever seen. So far, his favorite activities are following Tank around, begging at the dinner table, and helping Joey. Pretty soon, he will be spending lots of time in the vineyard chasing deer, opossums, and various  other critters, so if you see him while you are here give him a little belly rub and welcome him to the family!