Spring Haircut

Spring is a really busy time for us here at the winery, and we thought that some of you might like to see what goes on behind the scenes of winemaking. So we will be giving you a glimpse into the life here at the winery as our grapes make their journey to the bottle.

For the last couple of weeks, the vines have been getting their first haircut of the season. Pruning keeps the vines healthy and productive, not to mention it keeps the chaos of vines in check. Without pruning, the vines would be everywhere and the quality of the grapes would suffer.

As you would expect, pruning 4 acres of vines leaves a lot of debris to clean up and get rid of and the most efficient way to get rid of the enormous mess is to have our selves a bonfire. So Joey and Mick set to work yesterday to clean up the vineyards and get ready for the new growing season.

The only thing missing was the marshmallows.