Sweet Wine Tasting

  • Blondy

    A sweet white blend with notes of peach and apricot. A blend of Cayuga and Muscadine grapes. Pairs well with peaches or gouda cheese.

  • General 1

    This is our estate grown Carlos muscadine. It’s Earthy and fruity with a thicker mouthfeel than the Blondy. Muscadine is really a love it or hate it flavor because it has such a strong personality. It’s absolutely delightful with other strong flavored foods like blue cheese or fresh goat cheese.

  • Switch Red

    Switch Red is made from Concord grapes, so this is going to be a really familiar flavor. Think peanut butter and jelly or even a little communion wine. Switch red is a great party wine and makes a great sangria as well as enjoying all by itself. This pairs deliciously with Marcona almonds or even a little cheddar cheese.

  • HoneySuckle Rose

    Honeysuckle Rose is one of our bestsellers and it’s also one of our sweetest wines. This is a blush blend with a delicious dark cherry finish. You’ll get notes of apple with this wine. This wine is great with dark chocolate or even a little cheesecake.

Dry Wine Tasting

  • Vidal Blanc

    Vidal Blanc is similar to sauvignon blanc with bright and citrus-y notes with a lemongrass finish. With a tart finish vidal pairs great with buttery dishes and any kind of seafood dish, such as a creamy camembert or a shrimp pasta dish.

  • Ivory Mist

    Ivory Mist is off dry (that means less than 2% residual sugar) from the Cayuga grape. “Champagne without bubbles” is what we like to call it. It’s our favorite Summer wine, best served cold. Ivory Mist pairs well with fresh mandarin oranges or any fruity dishes.

  • Barrel Select

    Barrel Select is a dry red Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend. Aged in TN oak for 18 months, this wine is bold and smooth with a berry finish. Barrel Select pairs well with grilled steaks or any heavy meat dish such as a pot roast.

  • Colleytown

    Colleytown is a dry red wine blend from Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Aged in TN oak for 18 months, Colleytown is a medium body with notes of pepper and an oaky finish. This is delicious with any tomato based dishes like spaghetti or pizza.

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