Local Spotlight: Totty’s Bend Soap

Nate and Vanessa


One of the best things about carrying local products here at the winery is being able to pick our favorites! We have been carrying Totty’s Bend Soaps for several months now and it has been such a popular product. Who doesn’t love soap?! And their soap is fantastic. Seriously, we have all converted over to this silky smooth local goat soap and we all have our favorite scents.

All of Totty’s Bend’s soaps and lotions are made from high quality, sustainable, ingredients including milk from their own goats! They are always coming out with new varieties and there is always something for everyone! ( That means they have manly soap too).

So, if you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, then please swing by and pick up a couple bars of Totty’s Bend Soap!!

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